New Day.

had a good night; didn’t stay up too late, didn’t sleep in, didn’t get drunk, don’t feel like shit.

I realized that I have been mildly depressed for the last two months and in order to stop feeling like ass I must first stop rolling in my own bullshit.

Grabbed some coffee and doughnuts this morning before finding a good spot to take some pictures of the mountains.

Positivity or some such horse shit like that.

GOG.COM finally has a DRM-Free movie that looks interesting.


Granted, they have a had the “Gamers” series for a few weeks now, and that is damn good, but those have been out for a while; now THIS I have not seen before and it looks batshit enough to be worth the $6 price tag (on sale for $3 right now).


… ok, I’m a dumb ass, this has been on for a while and I now just noticed it.