Month: September 2012

For the record,…

For the record, I’m a guild leader.

Some people are Grinders, Some people are Crafters, Some people are Traders, Some people are Questers; I’m a guild leader.

With grinders, the second they log in to a new game they are clicking mobs with no care what-so-ever as to why they are supposed to be clicking them, if it gives good XP it dies. Crafters are checking item drop rates, researching recipes, and calculating crafting discipline interdependency is just how they function (typically they have got all that done BEFORE they even finish downloading the game). Traders have got economic domination is in their blood and while others issue their battle cries towards the nearest mob, traders issue their murderous wails while heading back to town in a bee line to the nearest auction house terminal. For questers, no floating question mark or exclamation point is too big or too little for them, come hell or high water they will read every line of quest text and know the NPC names by heart before moving on to the next area.