Month: September 2013

Inapproprate PSA of the Day.

Rule #5: Tolerate; everyone is an asshole, even you


Yeah, teachers with tenure are fun.


A touching movie about honor, revenge, nationalism, and the militaristic application of slapping your exposed your ass. This movie is the fictionalized tale of William Wallace and the aspects of his life that in relation to his roll in the struggles between Scotland and England in the 13th century. In it William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson), following the murder of his wife, leads a peasant revolt against English intrusion that quickly turns into a full revolt that exposes and undermines the Scottish nobility for their complacent acceptance of their people’s abuse by the English. This ultimately results in William Wallace being betrayed by the leaders of his own nation and killed. At least in theory, what the movie actually contains is a lot of really cool simulated murder, implied rape, and far too much overacting by the film’s lead actor / director. It was really cool when it came out for all of it’s action and visuals, but now it’s just kind of sad after looking at it in the light of crazy Mel’s antics aver the years and seeing how much of the films intricate story was blotted out by his ego.


Gundam fan fiction thing stuff that is.

The observation port holes flared suddenly as both escorting Gaiyas class mobile suits broke formation and spun about rocking the shuttle violently as the thruster backlash washed across the hull. Ambient lighting snapped from cool blue to bleaching red, and the intercom screeched feedback as the shuttle’s captain opened his microphone without waiting for the delay circuit to kick in.

“Seal your god damned pressure suits NOW! I’m breaching the cabin pressure in five.”

“Things must be really bad for him to loose his composure that fast.” Virginia Prospect thought to herself as her hand flew instinctively to the green back lit “pressurize” button on her suit’s wrist. Her suit was already sealed, and had been for the last five hours, but the threat of death by decompression triggered her to hit it again. Seconds later everything loose in the cabin was violently thrashed about as the shuttle’s ECSS ( Emergency Combat Status System ) purged all atmosphere in an emergency decompression. The ECSS was designed to prevent an explosive decompression during combat, but Virginia didn’t feel at all grateful towards the committee that developed it as she smashed her shins on the seat in front of her.


The sad lament of a video game sniper.

(I wrote this as a prank submission to “fuck my life,” it is the in character rant about the workplace harassment he gets.)


My co-workers are constantly trying to get my department either downsized into redundancy, completely altered so it’s something I’m not suited for anymore, or removed completely. There are things I’m good at and things I’m not; I’m just trying to do my job, It’s not my fault that there is a role that I’m suited for and it appears to be easier than the jobs other people are doing. Truth be told I’d be simply horrible at what they make look easy, I respect them for that and value their contributions and efforts. That said I doubt that they would do all that well at what I do, since it’s a different type of work with different types of responsibilities, but I don’t go lording it over their heads and bragging how ineffectual they would be without me. Why can’t they recognize that we all have our roles to play and it’s the sum of our efforts that determines our success.


Why do they always have to publicly bad-mouth my department in the third person, as if it’s a singular entity instead of a collective people, with individual feelings and personal lives, who happen to be working the same job description. It’s like they expect me to suddenly agree with them that I and all of the other people in my department are worthless and should be fired, simply because they refer to us as a singular “other.” We’re human beings too for Christ’s sake, I’ve got a mortgage and kids and school loans to pay off, I’m supposed to just acquiesce and go homeless while my kids starve just because my job is slightly less physically demanding?


If I don’t do my job right I get criticized for being inept, if I do my job too well I get called a show off and accused of exploiting others deficiencies that they have no control over. I was given this role, I didn’t invent it for my own amusement; I applied and was accepted. Simple as that and if they had wanted it (and were willing to put up with what it requires) they could have applied for it too. Why can’t they just leave me alone and mind their own business; for how much more demanding and all critical they make their jobs out to be, they sure do have plenty of time to work up criticisms about mine.


I thought this up after a bout of insomnia. at the time I was heavily into Atlantica Online and this was my master plan to restructure the game and save it from the P2W hell that it had become … I doubt that anyone reading this who isn’t actively playing the game would ever be able to figure out a fraction of the shit I am dribbling here in.

but I do think it was one of my better done concepts for a videogame, most are not ever worth writing down.


I really should have apriceated the teachers I had, since this was for full credit.

The Phantom Menace

(I refuse to refer to this “film” as anything other than it’s subtitle)

This film is about a 14 year old Democratically elected Queen, who falls in love with a 9 year old race car driver, and it’s probably one of the worst move ever. While there have been other movies that have outdone this one in badness; none of them had even a fraction of this films budget. There is some other mindless drivel about political intrigue, the conflict between original inhabitants vs. current inhabitants, a derogatory presentation on monopolies oppressing free trade (although the provided example acts more like a Union than a Monopoly), and mass produced technology’s assault on organic naturalism … but it’s all just as nonsensical as the core premiss of giving a pair of juveniles control of an entire planetary government and/or the keys to a rocket car. Outside of the basic incompetence of George Lucas and his take on the age of competency and mature decision making, all the other listed elements fail even the most basic of Logic tests.