Month: January 2014

How The Hell Do I Manage To Waste Hours On IMGUR?


I know that the stupidity of it all is killing more brain cells than drinking would, but I guess it does cost less.


Looks Like The Developer Of Remember Me Is All Assed Out.

heh, Assed out.

One of the main things that turned me off of the game is how it seemed to have more ass in the camera than CAPCOM’s Pn.13. Which I found to be quite eye-rolling, considering how much of a stink the developer made about CAPCOM being the only publisher to take on a game with a female lead. Sort of kills the whole “progressive” stance of having a strong female lead, when her main “strength” seems to be a J-Lo grade sculpted ass. Yeah, it is a little irregular for me to be making an issue out of it considering I’m a straight, male, and do not identify myself as any kind of a feminist; but I don’t play Video Games to get aroused.

I never really blamed the developer for the ass cam, that bit has got CAPCOM’s fingerprints all over it, but when you combine it with how most of the reviews complained of repetitive content and the game being exceptionally short; I decided to pass on the game. Which kinda makes me feel a little bit guilty, considering that Dontnod Entertainment (the developer for the game) just announced that it is going into legally supervised restructuring. which is sad news on multiple levels, considering that the failure of Remember Me puts another nail in the coffin for diversity in lead characters, while Dontnod going into restructuring is going to scare other developers off of trying new designs. The end tragedy to all this is that if it hadn’t been CAPCOM behind this game, it probably would have done quite well.

Obviously CAPCOM’s concept of a Sci-Fi game with a female lead hasn’t changed all that much since the Game Cube days, despite their first attempt being a failure too. Too bad Dotnod couldn’t have gotten in on EA’s partner program or something since the concept for this game would have fit well next to Mirror’s Edge. No telling if Dontnod would have gotten paid from the deal (Double Fine sure felt under  paid), but the game would have been well funded during development and it probably wouldn’t have shipped with an ass cam.

Oh well, it is coming up this month on PS+ and I allready have it listed as one of my 4iF; we will see if I was justified in skipping the game when it launched.

Ok, Got My List of 4iF games to play (and complete) in February.

Why is it so hard to pick games for this thing.

Strike Suit Zero.

This was on my list laster year when I failed miserably to get any of my games done.

Alice: Madness Returns.

I have had this game for years, but only installed it once and didn’t get past the first stage before getting distracted.

Torchlight 2.

I loved the first Torchlight, but playing this one is excruciatingly uninteresting, but I can’t put a finger on why..

Remember Me.

Coming out this month on PS+ so I will get to it when it does.

Dear Diary … of Gaming (1/30/14)

Just gonna be Hawken the night away.

Is it cheating to completely copy the last Dear Diary if I have been doing the exact same thing?

Hawken, Hawken, Hawken; that is all I have been playing. I am trying to level up my technician but god damn did progress slow to an absolute crawl. I have the feeling that Adhesive Games has been silently fiddling with the back-end to reduce the rate of advancement, because this game has turned into an absolute grind. Two months ago I was trucking right along with mech rank advancements falling into my lap, and it’s not like I have gotten bad at the game. If anything I have gotten better.

God damn XP boosters, never will I co-sign them; there are other ways to monetize a game than castrating advancement.

Damn, Is It Already Time To Pick Out Games for 4iF?

Tis that season again, not THAT season, or really that season either.

Tis the season for Four In February, otherwise known as “4iF,” where in gamers are challenged to pick any 4 games from their backlog …. and finish them in February.

Can be any 4 games, any system, any platform; No rules and no one is checking to see if you are cheating, although typically it is encouraged to pick 4 that you haven’t already beaten. After all, the concept behind it is to take advantage of what is typically the weakest month for new releases to clear out some of your backlog.

In recent years it has become something of a pandemic for gamers to buy a game and then never actually beat it (sometimes not even playing it once) before moving on to some new and shiny title. 4iF was conceived as an unofficial contest / holiday gamer thing to promote players actually getting the their use out of the games they buy.

I’ve known this was coming, having participated in it the last couple years, but I haven’t done a damn thing to pick out what titles I will go after.

Damn … it doesn’t help that the type of games I typically like are quite grindy and time consuming.

Feb PS+ Short List Is Up; SONY Was Being Coy For A Reason (and it was a good one).

An image is worth a thousand words, but I will add a few more anyway.

  • Payday 2, Metro Last Light, And Remember Me on PS3.
  • Outlast on PS4.
  • Mod Nation Racers and Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita.

I wasn’t all that happy with the PS+ offerings leading into the Holidays, since most of the good stuff was for the Vita while the PS3 got pretty neglected. I still went ahead and ponied up for a year membership when Amazon had em for $29.99, SONY has already paid that back in spades.

Still waiting for Bandai to get on board, and have Square Enix toss in some actual Square Enix titles (instead of just stuff from the EDIOS branch), as I would love to get Armored Core 5 as wells be able to get few older RPGs on PS3 that I own on the Xbox.

But I guess I can’t complain as this has been a pretty damn good haul so far and it is only two months into the year …. wait, yes I can; this is the Internet! I can complain all I want to!

God damn it SONY, start getting some JRPGs onto PS+.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Sampling The Weakest X-Men Spin Off Series? WTF!?!?!?!

I have been questioning what Blink was doing in this movie since day 1, considering that the character didn’t even exist when the Days Of Future Past was written. Well, yesterday we got our answer from Empire Magazine’s promotional run of 25 variant covers.

Let me ask you this: What do Blink, Nimrod, and Warpath have in common?


Unless this isn’t Nimrod, which it isn’t; this is Phalanx.


And Blink’s entire original character design was to die tragically killing Phalanx.

God damn it; I thought my nerd skin was thicker than this, but I guess not as I have been Nerd Raging about it all day.

(oops, I screwed up and got Warpath mixed up with his older brother Thunderbird. Well, I more forgot that they didn’t have the same name.)


Sony being coy about next month’s PS Plus releases.

DMC & Don’t Starve are exiting with a quickness, while discounts of Final Fantasy titles abound, at the same time no mention of what games would be coming next month, only the cryptic reply of “soon.”

Several bit hitting JRPGs coming out in the near future (FF10-HD / Tales of Synponia HD / Tales of Xillia 2 / FF13 – 3) combined with the FF13-3 demo being recently released, combined with the focused Final Fantasy sale … I wonder if we are finally going to see a JRPG title show up on PS+?

Please, please, please, please!

we have had plenty of other RPGs, but they have mostly been western styled RPGs instead of plot / party focused JRPGs like a “tales of” or a “Final Fantasy” game.

I doubt that they would go for it, but I would love to see FF13 show up; I have it on the 360 but I like my PS3 better.

Or maybe even Eternal Sonata or Star Ocean!

(two other titles I have on 360, and thus can’t justify the expense of re-buying PS3 versions.)

Dear Diary … of Gaming (1/27/14)

Kinda fell off the wagon with these, but that is what having the flu will do to you; it screws up your trivial personal amusements.

Bioshock Infinite: I just sort of quit it.

Combat got really repetitive, or more repetitive, and the setting went from being an interesting exploration of pre-modern America and the reconstruction era … to ham fisted morality lessons on the cycle of abuse.

Haven’t played FFXI at all even though the counter is dwindling on the free month.

I kinda liked it when I went back, something cathartic about just running in circles killing things while leveling up different classes. However, I just couldn’t get attached due to the knowledge that my time was limited, and that I knew I would never be active enough to warrant subscribing.

Goofed around with Dragon’s Prophet a little.

It is a good but flawed game and I have no idea where my character is at in it; so I didn’t stick around much. Just logged in, finished a few quests, then pushed ahead to try to fight more powerful enemies and logged out after a wolf kicked my ass.

Downloaded the trial for Defiance.

Not actually my first go at the trial, but the last one ended before I could get two hours into it due to the time limit. now that they have pulled the time limit, I am finding myself having a blast; very fun game, warts and all. the inclusion of the TV show has done nothing but hamper the game (and vice versa, from what I have seen of each). there is no way they could have made the game setting into a TV show, at least not with SyFy at the helm, and the game is getting effected by people expecting the show when there is nothing in it that reflects what they see on TV.

I recommend this game and plan on buying it as soon as it goes on sale again.


Yeah, I been playing the evil FF13 … and liking it. I wouldn’t say I was liking it a lot, but it is actually a pretty well made game. haven’t gotten to gran pulse yet, but I am close. much of the game is underwhelming, but no way does it deserve the flack that it has gotten.