Month: February 2014

Finished Catherine (4iF game #4)


This one wasn’t on my list, but I got burned out on all my other titles, and going through a devoice made this game appealing. I had actually beaten it before, but only once and only with the “K” Katherine ending; this time I was going for the “C” Catherine ending. I was expecting a similar turn of events with the “K” ending (meaning that I expected a mirror of the wedding scene, but with “C” instead of “K.”

… I did not expect Vincent to turn into a demon and take over hell.

All in all, it was a fun / slapstick ending to an exceptionally dramatic game, and quite honestly the “C” ending fits more in line with the game being part of the SMT series.

At some point I should re-play it some more to get the bad endings / neutral endings, but for now it was a cathartic romp through something familiar and a nice capstone to the 4iF challenge (since this ending was nothing like I expected.).


Finished Remember ME (4iF game #3).


There was once more level after that one I got stuck on for a while, but it wasn’t too long. The story stayed weak all the way through with little logic to what the hell was going on, and there were no real rules to how the whole memory thing functioned. Tons of potential, but simply not enough content to flesh it out; throughout the whole game I kept thinking to myself that it would have made a much better RPG than an action game; all it needed was some open world hub areas and towns to wander wound it … maybe a bit of non-combat elements too. This game could have been a quality contender to Dues Ex if it had been handled right (god damn CAPCOM).

Oh yeah, for those who haven’t played the game, when DOTNOD was talking about how no one wanted to pick up the game because of the female lead; what they were really saying is that no one wanted to pick up the game because of the (black) female lead.

The main character is, in all ways except for the color of her skin, the typical / generic “tough chick” female lead (with a wounded heart); there is nothing to her that we have not seen before, in one form or another, form every publisher on the market.

With the sole exception that she was black, and even then it had no impact on the story or character; she was just a black character because the writers wanted to make her black. I commend DOTNOD for sticking to their guns and not backing down on a superficial element where the only purpose to alter it would be to tolerate racial discrimination.

God this industry needs to grow the fuck up.

Tales Of Zestiria Is Starting To Look Like Ass.





I haven’t seen a RPG face this devoid of expression or personality since FFXI. For all of Bamco’s claims that rendering the characters in 3D + Textures (as opposed to Cell Shading, as they were from Symphonia – Vesparia) produces a superior result … this has to be one of the shittiest looking characters I have seen in the series.


… But with all the other changes in format that they are doing to turn the game into a single player MMO, I will be shocked if they aren’t also going to changed from fully developed main characters to silent protags with the two announced sidekicks doing all the talking.

Dear Diary … Of Gaming (2/20/2014) Remember ME (4iF Game #3)

Remember me finally came out for PS+ and I have been playing that for the last two days.


It is decent, not as skanky as I thought it was going to be, also not as unique as I thought it was going to be either. It is easy to tell that this thing was mostly done as a tech demo, and in that regard it works wonderfully. The artwork is really well done, the combat isn’t too bad, but the plot is goofy as hell and the game reeks of missing levels. The game play is like a near clone of Enslaved: Journey Into The West, except not quite as fluid; you got the same jumping and climbing, but it isn’t as smooth, and the combat is a bit less fluid (despite being a better system). Typical UE3 third person action adventure game; once you play enough of them they all seem like different visuals on the same game.

There are literally 3 environments: a labratory type environment, a slum environment, and a wealthy environment (all of the sci-fi-ish). While the levels are all different, you keep going back and forth between the three with no other environment themes mixed in. You start off in a introductory mini-level at the lab, then go to the slums, then go to the wealthy area, then go to the slums again, then you go to the lab (full level this time), then you go to the wealthy area, then you go back to the lab … which seems like it is the last stage in the game, but I am stuck at boss fight that is pissing me off so I don’t know. There have been a lot of characters introduced as if they will be major to the story, then they sort of bye “bye” and walk off … there was a pretty big plot twist in the game, but the god damned loading screen text gives it away.

all in all I would say it is a good game, but not really a game that I feel I want to go back through once I am done with it.

Sometimes, Everything You Wish You Could Change Are The Things You Never Had Any Control Over.

I wish I was going to sleep but I am still wired.


The shit I am working though isn’t settled; I’m not moving out, but I still don’t know if I am staying.
Nothing would please me more than to be free of it all, but that is also my biggest nightmare; I am loosing a limb, someone that has become a part of me, and even though it has been misery for us both, I don’t remember how it was to be alone.
We talk, we get mad, we get hurt, we try to get even, but there just ins’t a point to doing that any more. then we actually start talking, things get settled, we stop being mad and spend hours wishing each other the best; we can’t just cut it off but we can’t go back either.
So we agree to go into other rooms to get away from the emotional overload … and my mind starts thinking again.
She comes back and I can see she has been doing the same thing as me, and I can tell that she has been talking to him again, but she hasn’t actually broken it off like she said she would.
I don’t have the right to claim possession anymore, and I am honestly not upset that she has found someone else that stirs he heart. It hurts, it really does, but it is the hurt of wishing it was me instead of the hurt of betrayal; I know that she is no longer mine.
I just wish that she would wait a little longer.
I want to stay and see this thing off all the way to the end; I want to put her on that flight she has been yearning for and send her to the life she wants. But I won’t be the other man, even if I am no longer “her” man, I can not be here and working to support her while she is with someone else.
Not that she is asking me to.
I don’t want to go, it isn’t yet time to leave, she says she knows it is too soon for her to be with someone else, but I can see it in her eyes that she is not going to cut it off. She is too hungry for the affection, even though she knows that she would be using him.
He wants he in a way that I can not give; free from baggage.
But I love her with a weight that he can not measure; a third of my entire life.
I will not begrudge her the happiness she deserves, but I know that in the end I will not be able to stay no matter how much I want to put her on that plane. I -need- to put her on that plane, and not doing so is going to leave a hole inside of me for the rest of my life, but I already know that it isn’t going to happen.
I want to reroll this and play it differently, but the truth that no one thinks about is that no matter how many times you reroll a character in a game; you can only reroll the character and not the game … everything is still going to play out the exact same way, you just tend to get to the end quicker.
I don’t actually want to reroll my character and play the same game; I want to reroll the game, but keep playing the same character.

God Damn, Alice Is Actually A Pretty Long Game. (4iF)


… And more than a little bit tedious.

Still working on this damn thing, but I may just give up and move on, I beat Malicious earlier today anyway. I picked up Malicious as a PS+ title a while back but never played it, once I sat down with it I couldn’t stop. It is a ice, fast, somewhat unrefined, zerg brawler. It has been a while since I have seen one of these games, they used to be a lot more common way back when. Like Dynasty Warriors, but more simplified and shorter. Each stage is just one big ass boss fight surrounded by weak mobs you kill to power up / heal, and no bullshit; just fighting.

Sony Screwed The Pooch With Today’s PS+ Release.

Today was supposed to be the day Payday 2 came up as being free on PS Plus, and while it is listed as a free PS+ title; it isn’t.

IT is listed as a PS+ game, but the price for it still says $39.99 instead of free. When you go to put it in your basket, it still gives you the “this game is only free for as long as you have your subscription active” disclaimer, but it still tries to bill you for the game.

This is probably gonna cause some issues with people who are not paying attention getting billed for the game.

Kinda fitting that Payday would try to rob you for $40 with a free game.


*edit* they fixed it, but I still wonder if anyone got billed for it.

GOG Just Added All Three STALKER Titles To Its Catalog.

Release day sale going on to boot: $15 for all three games, in two days the price goes back up to each title being $10 – $20.


If you have never played these games, do so now; they are nothing short of amazing. Lots of bugs, so they do take a bit of patience, but when you are talking about a series that rivals The Elder Scrolls in terms of open world; bugs are going to happen. This series is one of my favorites, so I am super happy to see it finally released without any sort of DRM and all with no hoops to jump though to get them installed.

It is also good news to see that all three games are listed as being published by the owner / developer of the series (GSC) instead of each one having a different publisher. Hopefully this is a sign that things are turning around after the GSC ran out of money a few years back and had to close down. I would really love to see another entry in this series.


…. It would be extra cool if CDP-Red (the makers of the Witcher series) and GSC were going to be teaming up to produce more stalker games, but I doubt it, and I don’t want to see the STALKER games devolve into a whole bunch of sexist mini games.

Child Of Light = Odin Sphere + Aquaria?

Is it just me or does it look like someone rebuilt Aquaria with some Odin Sphere level art and then added in a dash of turn based battles. The battles themselves remind me of something from a Might & Magic game, but I can’t out my finger on which one or if it was just a Might & Magic clone that I am thinking.


I suppose I should say -what- Child of Light is: Child of Light is a sorta-experimental game from Ubisoft, experimental in that it is nothing like Ubisoft’s other titles. It is a JRPG inspired western RPG with heavy plot elements and turn-based battles. Seems to be very well done, with lots of hand painted looking 2D art and a extensive world.

For reference.


Odin Sphere: