Month: March 2014

Kemko Is Really Picking Up In Quality.


As much as the intermixed art looks weird, it works; and every iteration of their games gets better and better. Yeah, they are still just sending out love letters to JRPG’s of the 90’s (this one is clearly to the Sega Saturn’s Shining Wisdom), but I have confidence that they will start making original titles at some point.


Besides, these are the type of games I want to see more of; I love 90’s style JRPGs.

For the uninitated: Kemko is a Japanese RPG developer that works exclusively on mobile games. They mostly make 2d tile based games that throw back to the 16 bit era with pretty low production values, but the pay off is that by not spending a lot of time and money on visuals and voice overs they can put out a new RPG each month with 20+ hours of game play. totally plot centric, with full casts, and no masturbation mini games … if you like classic JRPGs that try to take themselves seriously, Kemko is pretty much your one stop shop.

…. ‘course, they are also the only stop you could make as everyone else is makingĀ quasi-MMOs, etchi fests, or in denial that they are really just making a AAA action title with no Role Playing elements at all.