Month: May 2014

Dear Diary …. Of Gaming (5/28/14)

Yeah, I’m still playing -more- Ghost Recon Online (Phantoms).

But Pay 2 Win.


What can I say, it is one of the most brutally hard shooters out there, and that makes it a blast. Yeah, it is actually “P2W” in order to get anywhere in it, and yeah, it sucks when you come up against someone who has shelled out over $100.00 to equip their characters; but in the end I have not found another game that actually makes you work as hard as this one.

I will say that the game is far more fun and well balanced than when I rage quit a year ago … there seems to be wiser hands at the helm now than when I played it before and the developers were dead set on crippeling the other two classes in order to promote the support class.


I probably should pop back into Dirty Bomb / Extraction again and see if the game has gotten any more playable.


Watch Dogs is DDOS-ing Ubisoft.


I’ve been trying to get into Ghost Recon Online (phantoms) all day and their servers are good and truly fucked up, then I noticed a news article talking about Watch Dogs having issues getting online. Seems like Ubisoft didn’t learn anything from when they opened up the Uplay store and their entire network collapsed under the bum rush for $1 games.


… you would think that they would have learned from that but I guess not: I wouldn’t bother trying to play any Ubisoft titles online today (well, Ubisoft PC titles), it isn’t going to be worth the effort.

Dear Diary … of Gaming (5/26/14)

wow, it has been like 4 months since I did one of these.

So far I have a bit of EQN: Landmark under my belt … is nice but there are still too many issues to really enjoy it at a steady pace, this is not my character BTW.

… and then I played the shit out of Ghost Recon Online (or Phantoms depending on when you got into it) for several hours.

I had fun with GRO, which is nice because when I used to play it (about a year ago) I ended up rage quitting due to frustrations with shitty patch changes that served no purpose.

So I guess That Is Why I Had Been Getting A Lot Of Hits …

I was kinda confused for a little bit as to why that blurb I wrote about Child of Light looking like a mix of Aquaria & Odin Sphere; I didn’t know that the game had just came out and people must have been having that pop up when they went looking for details on the game.


… thats what happens when you son’t have internet for a while; you end up with no clue as to what is being hyped at the moment.

Things I Did With No Internet.

Played a shit load of Tales Of Vesparia.

Played some of Tales of Symphonia 2. (shudder)

Played Sleeping Dogs.

Read 4 Diskworld books.

Watched Fianl Fantasy: Spirits Within.

Watched Speed Racer.

Watched District 9.

Watched Shanghai knights. (shudder)

Watched Legend of the Overfiend.

Watched “Black & White.” (Taiwanese TV show).

Watched Alone in Love. (Korean TV show).

Watched Guin Saga.

Watched Seirei No Moribito.

Read “All you need is Kill.”

Read “Slum Online.” (same Author as “All You Need Is Kill”)

Played Guardian Heroes (the Xbox 360 version).

Played The Witcher 2.

Played Shadow Warrior (2013 ver)

walked over to the library several times to mooch free WiFi on my tablet.

Fought with my phone to get a decent cell signal inside my new apartment (I have to basically hang out the window to get a signal).

Tried to do my best at putting my life back together.




And yes, my life mostly consists of sitting on my ass and consuming entertainment; so I guess I did ok in regards to the last bullet on the list.

I’m back!

nearly two months without internet following my divorce, but I finally got it turned back on today.

In some ways it was nice to be free from wasting the day with page refreshes and senselessly grinding in MMOs, but it was also so isolating (which really did not help considering the recent divorce + no local family + new town + new job + no money + all of my friends are online).