Month: June 2014

Dear Diary … Of Gaming.


So I finally sat down and played a video game (wow … that feels so pathetic to write): Deponia.


Deponia is a … from what I had heard … popular series of point and click adventure games. I will say that it was pretty well made, and that the story was pretty good, but ultimately I found it pretty disappointing. The voices get fuuuuking annoying after a while and by two hours in I had shut off the music; not to mention that the puzzles are some of the most bat shit illogic things I have ever seen. It probably didn’t help that the game was originally developed in Germany, so maybe there was stuff lost in translation that would have helped with the puzzles, but the only way I got through this thing was by constantly ALT + Tabing to my browser to look up the solutions.

Even then I got right to the end of the game and it crashed … I couldn’t figure out that after giving some guy a wedgy, I was supposed to hook his underwear to the flag pole and then hoist him up. So when I accidentally canceled out of the “puzzle” event, the game froze and then I realized that I hadn’t saved since I started playing the damned thing. So I said “Fuck You Deponia,” closed the game, and looked up the ending of it on Youtube; seemed like the most rational solution to a problem I encountered during my entire playthrough.



The entire reason I was playing this game was because I picked it, and the two other games in the Deponia series, up for cheap on GOG’s sumer sale; now I have to decide if I am going to risk pissing away any more time on the next two games. I mean, they could get better … the latter part of the game was honestly better that the start of it, so they could be an improvement, but I kinda doubt it.


… But I did already buy them. (*sigh* fist world problems really suck, right)


Dear Diary … Of Netflix-ing?


I haven’t had anything to post for the whole “Dear Diary … Of Gaming” thing I have going on, mostly because I have spent all my free time watching Dr. Who on Netflix.

Which is awesome and sucks at the same time: It is awesome because Dr. Who is an insanely good show, but it sucks because it eats up a ton of time I should be using on other things.


I am up to season 4 now, after only having started watching it in late April; so considering all the other stuff I have had going on, I’ve actually been watching a tone of it.


I am honestly pretty burnt out on Who, but everything else is just boring in comparison.

I’m Thinking About Sending This In To The People Who Run The Denver Comic Con.

I actually wanted to write something like it last year, but never got around to it; this year the compulsion is even stronger but I am not sure if I want to actually go through with it.


(edit- ok, so I asked some people for feedback and so far only one person got that this was creative writing with a bit of exaggeration, not a cry for help; no, I am not suicidal or depressed and yes, I do know that life is what you make of it.

This was just for fun, nothing more, with the ultimate point being a wistful longing that everyday life was more inclusive of nerd culture. I don’t actually want to be locked inside the convention center for the rest of my life, I just a wish a bit more of the Con would escape outside of it.)


To whomever it may concern.
I am writing this to say that I quite enjoyed this year’s Denver Comic Con, even more so that I did last year’s Convention. However there is one element I have an issue with, and I had the same issue last year; I don’t wanna to go back!

I don’t wanna to go back to my daily routine; I don’t wanna go back to my mundane day job; I don’t wanna go back dealing with bills; I don’t want to go back to the real world; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna!

I hate real life, it is so boring and bland: I hate living in a world where you can’t wake up in the morning and toss on a super hero costume simply because you feel like it. I hate living in a world where the only socially acceptable justifications for forming new adult friendships is a common desire to get loaded on drugs or alcohol, the ambition to get laid, or a shared practice to bet on the same sports teams. What in the hell happened to the world where the only prerequisite for forming a life long friendship was showing up to the first day of school with the same Thundercats lunchbox?

… and for three miserably short (but exhausting long) days in early June; I get to escape this sad, boring, bland life and drown myself in a world of color, and characters, and joy, and the unapologetic abandonment of everything prudent or rational. Where no one judges you for decking yourself out in absurd costumes, purely for the sake of wanting other people to give you attention. Where there is no social interaction protocol to dance around, and you can run up to a complete stranger and tell them “I love how you are dressed, you look amazing.” Where I can simply, and with no reservations, be the person I want to be.

And when it is all over; when the face paint is washed off; when the pictures are developed or downloaded; when it is time to walk out the door on the way back to work … I look over to where I have hung up my badge on the wall and all I want to do is put it back on and go back.

Right now every part of my soul is screaming at me to find a justification to ask that you guys extend the next DCC for one more day, but every part of my physical body is screaming at me with fatigue; I know that if you guys did extend things for one more day I would attend, but I also know that it would probably kill me to do so.

And I would die so very, very happy.

Thank you for making this rotten, mean, judgmental, unrewarding world into something beautiful (even if only for three days) and you damn well better believe that I will be back next year with the same doofy ass smile on my face and a ticket in my hand.

I Can’t Believe That I Haven’t Played a Video Game in Nearly Two Weeks.

Oh god it has been so hectic I didn’t even notice that it had been so long … and yes I do acknowledge that it is quite pathetic for me to look at this situation as a bad thing.

Normally I would be crawling out of my skin due to the withdraws, but I have been ricocheting from one massive workload to another to another and I didn’t even notice.

I’m gonna go play Journey; I got about three half finished games in my backlog that I need to finish so I can do write ups about them, but I am still spinning from the Con and Journey is about the only thing I could handle playing right now.

At Some Point Next Month I Will Be Moving This Blog.

I’m tired of having so little control over what I can do with this thing and makes it so hard for casual readers to set up a casual account if all they want to do is drop a comment.

(I have had a couple friends complain about not being able to just say “thanks” for the DCC pictures)

I am still going to be using WordPress, except that it will be the kind of WordPress from .ORG instead of .COM.

The down side is that I will have to actually get off my ass and put some effort into it, actually read the documentation for WordPress, and then shell out for a host.


… not going to happen till at least next month, if not later, but I find that if I make a statement about doing something I am more likely to do it (if for no other reason than to get rid of the illogical guilty feeling that “I said it so I -have- to do it”).

Denver Comic Con Day 3.























I really got nothing to add for witticisms and I finally did get some sleep (though my legs are killing me). Now comes the worst part of the Convention; having to go back to reality where every 3rd person doesn’t have a cape and every 4th person isn’t spiderman.

Here are the albums:

Day 3 Part 1

Day 3 Part 2

Sunday seemed to be the day for families, middle school couples, and strangely unaccompanied extreme minors; I still had fun but it did get a little uncomfortable taking so many family portraits and more than once I tapped a girl on the shoulder only to have Chris Hensen’s face flash into my mind when she turned around.


Denver Comic Con Day 2.

I took so many pictures that I had to start a new Imgur account and break them up into 4 different albums:

DCC Day 2 Part 1

DCC Day 2 Part 2

DCC Day 2 Part 3

DCC Day 2 Part 4


By the end of it I was so tired and dehydrated that my hands started getting a little shaky and I started to rush some of my shots, so there are a few that I think are too bury / too dark / too light but I just didn’t have it in me to retake the shot.