Month: July 2014

Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Is Out On GOG.COM Today.


Woo Hoo! JRPGs coming to GOG.COM! … granted it is also out on Steam, but I hate Steam & anytime GOG gets a notable new title up I view it as a victory.


But it also helps when the notable new title is a high quality traditional style JRPG with party based combat, from an established publisher (XSEED), and backed up by localization work done by Carpe Fulgur (RecettearChanteliseFortune Summoners).


I Haven’t Got The Slightest Idea What To Write.

I feel that I should keep up with my writing on here, and I really do want to, but I just don’t have anything to write about.

Continuing with my diary of video games seems stupid and hollow, likewise I don’t feel like playing pretend professional blogger and repost shit I read on the net; but then everything I want to write (like actually working on some stories) takes more effort that I feel like punting in and even when I try to make myself write I can’t figure out how to nail the opening lines.

Music To Write To: Mega Ran.


Mega Ran is an indie rapper who went from being a teacher to freestyle rapper using remixed 8bit video game music for his beats, eventually landing a sponsorship from Capcom instead of a C&D for using sampled Megaman BMG music.

I love this dude; his stuff is such high quality, dorky, playful, and intentionally restrained to songs with a positive message.

You will never find a Mega Ran song about drugs and doing drive-bys, but you will find plenty of them about brawling with Dr. Wiley’s henchmen.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate Extended

So, uhh, there is this series of independent movies about some rather dysfunctional middle aged DnD gamers and it is Chawesome! (Yes, that is cheesyilly – awesome!)  

*edit* helps if I include the link.

  Their latest film (Gamers: Hands Of Fate … it is about a Magic: The Gathering type game, the bad grammar is intentional) has been out for a little while now but they just released an updated version with extra footage and other such things and stuff. If you haven’t already bought the un-extended version of the movie then it will cost you $15, but if you have bought the movie already then you get a promo code to get the extended version for $5. It is god damned glorously cheesy and highly authentic to how geeks actually function (as opposed to the stupid shit you see on mainstream entertainment). (paying out gets you access to stream the movie or download it in 1080p, no DRM, no strings attached.)

I Somehow Managed To Plug 14 Hours Into Three Play Sessions.

So I use Raptr … well “use” in the sense that I let it run at start up, and then forget that it is even there because the only feature that really works on it is the game play tracking; typically it does nothing but nag me with weekly emails about how little I play video games, but this week it dumped a surprise on me.





I’ve only had the game for a week, and 6 out of those 7 days involved me being at work 10-14 hours, so I have only sat down to play it three times. Now most of that 14 hours came just from yesterday, and I was making it a personal goal to sit on my ass, play video games, be lazy, and decompress; but I didn’t think I pissed away that much time on it.


Well, at the least I can say that I am getting my money out of this game.

Dear Diary … Of Gaming.

I caved and bought Guild Wars 2.



I used to play the first Guild Wars way back when it came out, but ultimately quit after I got frustrated by design changes that undermined what I liked about the game. So Guild Wars 2 was never really high on my list; I still gave it a whirl when they had a free weekend a while back, but wasn’t really impressed with the Char that I made and wandered off.

However last week Arena Net put the game up for 50% off ($25) and I just so happened to be on the market for a big MMO to get into. I had been thinking about buying into the Archage beta, but Trion’s pricing for “founders packs” (basically paid beta or alpha access. with a handful of perks tossed in) is nuts ($150 for Alpha access / $100 or $50 for a pair of not all that different beta access packs) and they didn’t even have a set date for when the game was going into Beta. I would have caved and bought one of the $50 packs, but with no date on the beta (and no way was I paying $150 for the Alpha) and suddenly GW2 was up for half the price of even the cheapest Archage pack, I jumped ship on Trion and gave my money to Arena Net.

… and I am quite pleased with the decision.


The thing that I found is that even though the Char seem like they would be a blast to play, they aren’t … at all (well to me, others seem to like them). you would think that giant humanoid death cats would be fun to play, but their starting area has got zero personality and just feels dead and lifeless. So when I bought the game I decided to create a human character even though the Char from my trial run was still sitting there, and I am loving it. The human area is vibrant and active and it is just fun to play in; I even went back to my Char for a bit too see if maybe I just hadn’t given it enough of a shot, but I still was bored.

Hi ho Hi ho, I guess it is Human that I go.