Month: October 2014

The Morning Chubby


To the defeated!

The the perpetually picked last, who honestly would prefer to not be picked at all; since outright rejection is often less painful than being the option someone uses when they simply don’t have anything better on hand.

To those who are so beaten down that they couldn’t accept success even if they got it.

I salute you.

…. I would toast you with a beer, but I have to trudge off to work to endure another relentless, miserable day of pleasing everyone else just to be tolerated, and not a single soul shedding the slightest consideration in return; so I toast you with my cup of coffee instead.


New Day.

had a good night; didn’t stay up too late, didn’t sleep in, didn’t get drunk, don’t feel like shit.

I realized that I have been mildly depressed for the last two months and in order to stop feeling like ass I must first stop rolling in my own bullshit.

Grabbed some coffee and doughnuts this morning before finding a good spot to take some pictures of the mountains.

Positivity or some such horse shit like that.