Month: November 2014

The Morning Chubby

Here is a two-fer since they are such small pictures.



Dear Diary …. of Gaming.

So I finished Arkham Asylum a couple of days ago … pretty good game except for the combat; like all of the combat.

The goons were just an annoyance while the boss fights (with the exception of poison ivy, which was its own special needs child) were all the exact same fight over and over again. Bane-like “biggs” while goons drop in to annoy you, over and over and over again. I mean, FFS, they even turned the Joker into one of them; talk about the biggest let down of the game.

But other than that, the exploration and stealth-ish mechanics were pretty good and made me curious to see if the failings of this one transfered over to the next games.



…. and then I bought Titanfall for $20 on EA’s Black Friday sale, and have been playing the shit out of that.


oh yeah, I also played the shit out if Defiance on my PS3, and still hold to an assessment I made about the game last year: It is like Hard Liquor; fun in small doses but if you try to hit it hard it will end up making you want to vomit.