About: The Morning Chubby.

I have tried several times to come up with an explanation for The Morning Chubby.

None of them really work.

It started off as a one shot joke with some friends, then I started playing it to the hilt and posting more of them, then I got bored and posted one to Imgur and people liked it, then I started posting more of them to Imgur because fake internet points, then I got some really positive responses, then Imgur banned me and I got pissed off and upgraded it from joke into a hobby.

I don’t really post these for my own gratification, if that was the issue then I could just look them up for myself and be done with it; I post them because of all the positive feed back I have gotten from women who like seeing their own body style presented in a positive light, as well as men who are into these sort of women and are happy to see their interests not being ridiculed.


Its not like I need an excuse to go digging for pictures of curvy women on the internet, but I repost them because it seems to make other people happy, despite taking zero effort on my part.


I can live with spending no effort to make people happy.


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