I like stories, I make them up all the time.

Making stories is not the problem; getting them out of my head after I think them up is.

When I -do- sit down and write, I write a lot; it is more of an eruption than anything else. So I am kind of like binary in that I am all or nothing at this sort of thing. However I have found that the more I write, the easier it is to come back and write some more, even if what I start out writing isn’t that productive. To that effect, most of what shows up here is just me running my mouth off about something inane (that I am most likely unqualified to form an opinion on) or half assed writing exercises.

When I say that I write a lot, I mean it; I’m not trying to milk page views when I post a 10 page entry, I just had a hard time turning off the firehose of words.

(besides, I’m on the “free” plan, so I wouldn’t even be getting paid from it it I was milking views)

P.S. I have Dysgrphia, so while I do make plenty of mistakes, keep in mind that I am juggling this mutant ass form of lexdyxia as I go.



    1. D-bow Brown, how the fuck have you been?

      Sorry for taking so long to say something, I’ve been screwing up on some things lately and finally started getting my shit together this week.

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