Batshit Awesome.

Dragon’s Dogma Online Coming to PS3 Later This Year.

CAPCOM says it has no plans for a western release, the rotten bastards.


GOG.COM finally has a DRM-Free movie that looks interesting.


Granted, they have a had the “Gamers” series for a few weeks now, and that is damn good, but those have been out for a while; now THIS I have not seen before and it looks batshit enough to be worth the $6 price tag (on sale for $3 right now).


… ok, I’m a dumb ass, this has been on for a while and I now just noticed it.

Who Wants Some Kung-Fu?


I figure I should branch out a little bit from constantly yammering about videogames; here is a Kung-Fu super ¬†powers movie, it is the full thing and has English subtitles if you click the “CC” button. I love shit like this, all the absurdity and over the top action of a comic book except all the powers are grounded in Martial Arts concepts (and the idea that you can do anything by studying and training hard enough) but none of the contrived “radioactive spider” type things.

Well, All My Productivity Just Died A Miserable Death.

Beware clicking that link.

It is a text based adventure game that will destroy your productivity; it is an awesome game, probably one of the best that I have every played, but oh my god does it suck you in. FYI, you can quit out and come back to it (probably uses cookies or something), so don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that you will have to start over if you close the tab.

Matrix continued (for contest).

No reboot; serious advancement.

At the end of #3 the Architect agrees to shut down the matrix and release humanity, this however was a backhanded poison pill: the earth is too decimated to support more than a handful of humanity outside of their incubators, additionally (as was said in the first movie) a vast majority of those living in the matrix are too dependent on its system to psychologically survive once disconnected. The end result is mass death as Zion collapses under the burden of supporting the millions of starving, psychologically dysfunctional liberated humans. On top of which, the entire bit about humans as a biological energy source was total horse shit; the Machines real bio-generators are actually well hidden away, and run on any number of herbivores (possibly cultured whales).

It was a lie from the Machines about the true purpose of the matrix: cloud processing.