Dear Diary

Dear Diary …. Of Gaming.

OK, I feel like a dumb ass … not because I am -STILL- playing Ghost Recon Online (fucking soul parasite of a game … I have made my peace that I am addicted to the shit taco) but because I finally went out and bought a mouse pad and now I am playing so much better.

… I got a new mouse, I got a new video card, but the main god damn issue was that I needed a $16 mouse pad instead of just using the wood grain top of my desk.


Dear Diary …. of Gaming.



It is such a god damned mess, full of bugs and imbalances, and there are much better games out there … why do I keep coming back to this piece of shit? Titanfall is so much better, technically and gameply wise, but I haven’t even logged on to Titanfall in over a week while I stay up so damn late playing GRO that I am not getting enough sleep for work. probably something to do with the the games that are the most addictive are the ones that cost you enough time that you get invested in whatever it is but never give you enough satisfaction that you hit the point where you feel that you have done enough and turn the game off.

Dear Diary …. of Gaming.

So I finished Arkham Asylum a couple of days ago … pretty good game except for the combat; like all of the combat.

The goons were just an annoyance while the boss fights (with the exception of poison ivy, which was its own special needs child) were all the exact same fight over and over again. Bane-like “biggs” while goons drop in to annoy you, over and over and over again. I mean, FFS, they even turned the Joker into one of them; talk about the biggest let down of the game.

But other than that, the exploration and stealth-ish mechanics were pretty good and made me curious to see if the failings of this one transfered over to the next games.



…. and then I bought Titanfall for $20 on EA’s Black Friday sale, and have been playing the shit out of that.


oh yeah, I also played the shit out if Defiance on my PS3, and still hold to an assessment I made about the game last year: It is like Hard Liquor; fun in small doses but if you try to hit it hard it will end up making you want to vomit.

Dear Diary … of Gaming

Ok, yeah Arkham Asylum is like super old at this point, but I figured that since I own dwo versions of it I should finish it at least once.



I first got the game back when Direct 2 Drive was still proud and leading the market, and I pretty much hated it … the game didn’t run all that good and the controls really sucked ass. I got to about the medical center and wandered off to do something more rewarding.

The second version of the game I got as a freebe for PS+ a few months back, mostly downloaded it simply because I try to claim ever PS+ title (except that I missed out on getting Arkham City since that was when I was internet-less during my divorce).


Finally said “fuck it, I am tired of watching netflix and maybe the game plays better on the PS3 than it did on my PC … and it does. This game, and games like it, are simply not made for Keyboard and Mouse controls; it’s not that the KB+M setup isn’t better than a controller (yes, I am of the PC master race) it is just that the gameplay is not designed for it. I have to play the Ass-creed series with a gamepad plugged in too, something I probably should have tried to do when I first played AA on my PC.


Anyway, I have been sitting on my couch playing the shit out of the game all day and loving it … combat could use a little work and the stealth system could be a little more challenging, but otherwise I am quite enjoying it.

Dear Diary … of Netflix-ing.

I feel like such a little bitch for this, but I started watching Supernatural the other night and it legitimately creeped me the fuck out.

But in a good way.

I suppose that I should be extra ashamed for not only letting a TV show from Warner Bros get under my skin, but it happens to be a show known for it’s raging fan-girls lusting for the main character. Thank god I am secure in my sexuality and don’t give a shit if the dudes are hot or not, besides the show reminded me of the old creepy non-abduction episodes of the X-files … ya know the ones where Scully isn’t reduced to a walking alien probe victim … where the point of the show was to have this “odd couple” FBI agents running around investigating creepy supernatural shit.

Which is guess is fitting because one of my friends told me that the writer / director (or some such) of Supernatural also worked on the X-files.

I mean, yeah, I knew that Smurf-boobs / girlfriend was gonna die right off the bat, but everything else had me pretty on edge and I admit that I jumped a little when a train rolled by in the middle of the second episode (I live by some train tracks and come by 3-4 times a day).


When I think about it, the plot of this show kinda feels like it wants to be an indirect sequel to the X-files where in Mulder and Scully shack up an the two brothers are their kids.


…. lets see how long it takes before it starts to suck ass.

Just got home from watching the season premier of Dr. Who Season 8 in a theater.

God was it awesome, I have a pretty good TV at home but the series just feels at home on a big screen with a bunch of random people all watching it together.

I wish they would do that for every episode … I know I would be willing to shell out for it.

Well, I would be willing to shell out, but I would not be wiling to shell out full movie theater ticket price for it; I loved watching it and regret nothing, but $12.50 to watch a 45min TV episode was a little steep.

Dear Diary … of Dr. Who.

Well, I was trying to get up to speed on Dr. Who so that I would be current when the new Dr. makes his debut on the 25th, but there is no way I will make it.

I know that there are a lot Matt Smith supporters, but I am not one of them and these episodes are so god damn dull … I wanna start skipping ahead and just watching the major episodes, but I am having trouble figuring out what are the important ones and which are the unimportant ones since both categories are full of either good plots interrupted with long segments of pointless banter or dull plots interrupted with moments of great guest stars outshining the regular characters.

Oh well, I doubt that the new episodes will be up on Netflix until the season is over (or will they … I only recently started watching it just after it went on break following Matt Smith’s regeneration, so I have no idea if they are simultaionusly released on netflix too), so I probably have some extra time to slog up to speed.

Dear Diary … Of Gaming.

I caved and bought Guild Wars 2.



I used to play the first Guild Wars way back when it came out, but ultimately quit after I got frustrated by design changes that undermined what I liked about the game. So Guild Wars 2 was never really high on my list; I still gave it a whirl when they had a free weekend a while back, but wasn’t really impressed with the Char that I made and wandered off.

However last week Arena Net put the game up for 50% off ($25) and I just so happened to be on the market for a big MMO to get into. I had been thinking about buying into the Archage beta, but Trion’s pricing for “founders packs” (basically paid beta or alpha access. with a handful of perks tossed in) is nuts ($150 for Alpha access / $100 or $50 for a pair of not all that different beta access packs) and they didn’t even have a set date for when the game was going into Beta. I would have caved and bought one of the $50 packs, but with no date on the beta (and no way was I paying $150 for the Alpha) and suddenly GW2 was up for half the price of even the cheapest Archage pack, I jumped ship on Trion and gave my money to Arena Net.

… and I am quite pleased with the decision.


The thing that I found is that even though the Char seem like they would be a blast to play, they aren’t … at all (well to me, others seem to like them). you would think that giant humanoid death cats would be fun to play, but their starting area has got zero personality and just feels dead and lifeless. So when I bought the game I decided to create a human character even though the Char from my trial run was still sitting there, and I am loving it. The human area is vibrant and active and it is just fun to play in; I even went back to my Char for a bit too see if maybe I just hadn’t given it enough of a shot, but I still was bored.

Hi ho Hi ho, I guess it is Human that I go.

Dear Diary … Of Gaming.


So I finally sat down and played a video game (wow … that feels so pathetic to write): Deponia.


Deponia is a … from what I had heard … popular series of point and click adventure games. I will say that it was pretty well made, and that the story was pretty good, but ultimately I found it pretty disappointing. The voices get fuuuuking annoying after a while and by two hours in I had shut off the music; not to mention that the puzzles are some of the most bat shit illogic things I have ever seen. It probably didn’t help that the game was originally developed in Germany, so maybe there was stuff lost in translation that would have helped with the puzzles, but the only way I got through this thing was by constantly ALT + Tabing to my browser to look up the solutions.

Even then I got right to the end of the game and it crashed … I couldn’t figure out that after giving some guy a wedgy, I was supposed to hook his underwear to the flag pole and then hoist him up. So when I accidentally canceled out of the “puzzle” event, the game froze and then I realized that I hadn’t saved since I started playing the damned thing. So I said “Fuck You Deponia,” closed the game, and looked up the ending of it on Youtube; seemed like the most rational solution to a problem I encountered during my entire playthrough.



The entire reason I was playing this game was because I picked it, and the two other games in the Deponia series, up for cheap on GOG’s sumer sale; now I have to decide if I am going to risk pissing away any more time on the next two games. I mean, they could get better … the latter part of the game was honestly better that the start of it, so they could be an improvement, but I kinda doubt it.


… But I did already buy them. (*sigh* fist world problems really suck, right)

Dear Diary …. Of Gaming (5/28/14)

Yeah, I’m still playing -more- Ghost Recon Online (Phantoms).

But Pay 2 Win.


What can I say, it is one of the most brutally hard shooters out there, and that makes it a blast. Yeah, it is actually “P2W” in order to get anywhere in it, and yeah, it sucks when you come up against someone who has shelled out over $100.00 to equip their characters; but in the end I have not found another game that actually makes you work as hard as this one.

I will say that the game is far more fun and well balanced than when I rage quit a year ago … there seems to be wiser hands at the helm now than when I played it before and the developers were dead set on crippeling the other two classes in order to promote the support class.


I probably should pop back into Dirty Bomb / Extraction again and see if the game has gotten any more playable.