… ehh

Sorry no posts today.

I woke up late feeling sick and ended up getting to work a half hour late; no time to post anything.


At Some Point Next Month I Will Be Moving This Blog.

I’m tired of having so little control over what I can do with this thing and WordPress.com makes it so hard for casual readers to set up a casual account if all they want to do is drop a comment.

(I have had a couple friends complain about not being able to just say “thanks” for the DCC pictures)

I am still going to be using WordPress, except that it will be the kind of WordPress from .ORG instead of .COM.

The down side is that I will have to actually get off my ass and put some effort into it, actually read the documentation for WordPress, and then shell out for a host.


… not going to happen till at least next month, if not later, but I find that if I make a statement about doing something I am more likely to do it (if for no other reason than to get rid of the illogical guilty feeling that “I said it so I -have- to do it”).

So I Did Something I Didn’t Need To Today.

I bought a new camera ….

Walked into best buy to get a pack of batteries for my old digital camera and walked out with a Nikon L830. Trying to learn a new camera while running around a convention is kind of a pain in the ass (photos upcoming soon), and I probably could have taken some better ones with the old model due to simple familiarity; but I am happy with this.

Birthday money well spent, even if it was a toss up between this camera and a Samsung WB350.

I really liked the Samsung one, it had a good weight and style, but the flash on it is shit and the L830 fits my hand better while having both a better flash and a better lens.

Well That Didn’t Really Work How I planned.


So yeah, I haven’t posted jack shit about DCC and it starts tomorrow.

All year (since the last DCC) I have been planning to attend with intention to write up an article about this years DCC for Topless Robot, only when I got around to pitching the idea I got told that the publisher doesn’t want Topless Robot covering local events.

I was planning (and even started working on) a write up of tips for armature photographers looking to have a better experience at taking pictures on the convention circuit, but you will notice no such thing on this blog.


… and most of all that is because I forgot to plan in one simple thing: that in order to attend DCC, I was going to have to work from Friday to Thursday (pulling back to back shifts) in order to make up the hours I needed off for the convention.

The last solid week I have had time for nothing but eating, sleeping, and working; oh my god am I tired.


Oh well, all my plans to make this DCC attendance into a semi-pro excursion may have fallen through but I still got my ticket and I can still take all the pictures I want; I just won’t have any pressure on me to achieve anything beyond enjoying myself and soaking up the company of dorks.

Who Wants Some Kung-Fu?


I figure I should branch out a little bit from constantly yammering about videogames; here is a Kung-Fu super  powers movie, it is the full thing and has English subtitles if you click the “CC” button. I love shit like this, all the absurdity and over the top action of a comic book except all the powers are grounded in Martial Arts concepts (and the idea that you can do anything by studying and training hard enough) but none of the contrived “radioactive spider” type things.