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Dragon’s Dogma Online Coming to PS3 Later This Year.

CAPCOM says it has no plans for a western release, the rotten bastards.


Dear Diary …. of Gaming.



It is such a god damned mess, full of bugs and imbalances, and there are much better games out there … why do I keep coming back to this piece of shit? Titanfall is so much better, technically and gameply wise, but I haven’t even logged on to Titanfall in over a week while I stay up so damn late playing GRO that I am not getting enough sleep for work. probably something to do with the the games that are the most addictive are the ones that cost you enough time that you get invested in whatever it is but never give you enough satisfaction that you hit the point where you feel that you have done enough and turn the game off.

Dear Diary …. of Gaming.

So I finished Arkham Asylum a couple of days ago … pretty good game except for the combat; like all of the combat.

The goons were just an annoyance while the boss fights (with the exception of poison ivy, which was its own special needs child) were all the exact same fight over and over again. Bane-like “biggs” while goons drop in to annoy you, over and over and over again. I mean, FFS, they even turned the Joker into one of them; talk about the biggest let down of the game.

But other than that, the exploration and stealth-ish mechanics were pretty good and made me curious to see if the failings of this one transfered over to the next games.



…. and then I bought Titanfall for $20 on EA’s Black Friday sale, and have been playing the shit out of that.


oh yeah, I also played the shit out if Defiance on my PS3, and still hold to an assessment I made about the game last year: It is like Hard Liquor; fun in small doses but if you try to hit it hard it will end up making you want to vomit.

Holy Shit: Yahtzee actually liked something!

And it is an “Alien” game … which is confusing because most other reviews I read didn’t like the game, but I typically hate most of the stuff proper “game critics” praise and share most of Yahtzee’s criticisms on modern games.

So that means I will probably have to dig it up at some point once it hits the bargain bin.

Someone needs to tell Red5 that “patches” are not supposed to be bigger than the game’s initial installer.

So I am patching Firefall ATM, after having installed the game when it launched a few weeks ago and then not logging back in after that, and am currently drumming my fingers while the game downloads a 3.5gb patch followed by a 4.7gb patch …


The game’s base installer was only 4.5gb and unpacks into about 8gb … how the fuck do you manage to release multiple patches in less than a month, that are so big that they may as well be replacing every file in the game?

Crysis 3 is equal parts impressive and boring, it is also free on PS+.

This is not what the game looks like on PS3.


I finished it, but I am not really sure why I was compelled to do so; I can’t say that I really enjoyed all of it, but I did enjoy parts of it … namely the parts where it gave you a fairly big map and let you take down multiple objectives in whatever order you wanted.

and those parts were few and far between.

for the most part the game stuck to corridors leading to arena-ish warehouse sized rooms where you were tasked with getting through it to the next set of corridors leading to another arena zone. the odd thing about all this is that the game actively tells you to sneak / assassinate your way through the arenas, but the second you assassinate the first opponent in the room all the other enemies go on alert and the NPC in your ear gives you shit for not being sneaky … even odder is that for a combat game, it is entirely possible to complete the entire game with only killing a small handful of “plot battle” enemies while you can simply walk past all the rest of them.


Combat was never any kind of intense, but I suppose that was to be expected when the entire marketing tag line for the game was about the bow and hunting enemies while cloaked.


At some point I need to play the earlier Crysis games … I own them all, just never finished the first one and haven’t even installed the second one even though I bought it over a year ago as part of the Humble Origin Bundle.

Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Is Out On GOG.COM Today.


Woo Hoo! JRPGs coming to GOG.COM! … granted it is also out on Steam, but I hate Steam & anytime GOG gets a notable new title up I view it as a victory.


But it also helps when the notable new title is a high quality traditional style JRPG with party based combat, from an established publisher (XSEED), and backed up by localization work done by Carpe Fulgur (RecettearChanteliseFortune Summoners).

I Can’t Believe That I Haven’t Played a Video Game in Nearly Two Weeks.

Oh god it has been so hectic I didn’t even notice that it had been so long … and yes I do acknowledge that it is quite pathetic for me to look at this situation as a bad thing.

Normally I would be crawling out of my skin due to the withdraws, but I have been ricocheting from one massive workload to another to another and I didn’t even notice.

I’m gonna go play Journey; I got about three half finished games in my backlog that I need to finish so I can do write ups about them, but I am still spinning from the Con and Journey is about the only thing I could handle playing right now.

Finished Catherine (4iF game #4)


This one wasn’t on my list, but I got burned out on all my other titles, and going through a devoice made this game appealing. I had actually beaten it before, but only once and only with the “K” Katherine ending; this time I was going for the “C” Catherine ending. I was expecting a similar turn of events with the “K” ending (meaning that I expected a mirror of the wedding scene, but with “C” instead of “K.”

… I did not expect Vincent to turn into a demon and take over hell.

All in all, it was a fun / slapstick ending to an exceptionally dramatic game, and quite honestly the “C” ending fits more in line with the game being part of the SMT series.

At some point I should re-play it some more to get the bad endings / neutral endings, but for now it was a cathartic romp through something familiar and a nice capstone to the 4iF challenge (since this ending was nothing like I expected.).

Finished Remember ME (4iF game #3).


There was once more level after that one I got stuck on for a while, but it wasn’t too long. The story stayed weak all the way through with little logic to what the hell was going on, and there were no real rules to how the whole memory thing functioned. Tons of potential, but simply not enough content to flesh it out; throughout the whole game I kept thinking to myself that it would have made a much better RPG than an action game; all it needed was some open world hub areas and towns to wander wound it … maybe a bit of non-combat elements too. This game could have been a quality contender to Dues Ex if it had been handled right (god damn CAPCOM).

Oh yeah, for those who haven’t played the game, when DOTNOD was talking about how no one wanted to pick up the game because of the female lead; what they were really saying is that no one wanted to pick up the game because of the (black) female lead.

The main character is, in all ways except for the color of her skin, the typical / generic “tough chick” female lead (with a wounded heart); there is nothing to her that we have not seen before, in one form or another, form every publisher on the market.

With the sole exception that she was black, and even then it had no impact on the story or character; she was just a black character because the writers wanted to make her black. I commend DOTNOD for sticking to their guns and not backing down on a superficial element where the only purpose to alter it would be to tolerate racial discrimination.

God this industry needs to grow the fuck up.