Nerding out.

Dragon’s Dogma Online Coming to PS3 Later This Year.

CAPCOM says it has no plans for a western release, the rotten bastards.


Dear Diary … of Netflix-ing.

I feel like such a little bitch for this, but I started watching Supernatural the other night and it legitimately creeped me the fuck out.

But in a good way.

I suppose that I should be extra ashamed for not only letting a TV show from Warner Bros get under my skin, but it happens to be a show known for it’s raging fan-girls lusting for the main character. Thank god I am secure in my sexuality and don’t give a shit if the dudes are hot or not, besides the show reminded me of the old creepy non-abduction episodes of the X-files … ya know the ones where Scully isn’t reduced to a walking alien probe victim … where the point of the show was to have this “odd couple” FBI agents running around investigating creepy supernatural shit.

Which is guess is fitting because one of my friends told me that the writer / director (or some such) of Supernatural also worked on the X-files.

I mean, yeah, I knew that Smurf-boobs / girlfriend was gonna die right off the bat, but everything else had me pretty on edge and I admit that I jumped a little when a train rolled by in the middle of the second episode (I live by some train tracks and come by 3-4 times a day).


When I think about it, the plot of this show kinda feels like it wants to be an indirect sequel to the X-files where in Mulder and Scully shack up an the two brothers are their kids.


…. lets see how long it takes before it starts to suck ass.

Just got home from watching the season premier of Dr. Who Season 8 in a theater.

God was it awesome, I have a pretty good TV at home but the series just feels at home on a big screen with a bunch of random people all watching it together.

I wish they would do that for every episode … I know I would be willing to shell out for it.

Well, I would be willing to shell out, but I would not be wiling to shell out full movie theater ticket price for it; I loved watching it and regret nothing, but $12.50 to watch a 45min TV episode was a little steep.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate Extended

So, uhh, there is this series of independent movies about some rather dysfunctional middle aged DnD gamers and it is Chawesome! (Yes, that is cheesyilly – awesome!)  

*edit* helps if I include the link.

  Their latest film (Gamers: Hands Of Fate … it is about a Magic: The Gathering type game, the bad grammar is intentional) has been out for a little while now but they just released an updated version with extra footage and other such things and stuff. If you haven’t already bought the un-extended version of the movie then it will cost you $15, but if you have bought the movie already then you get a promo code to get the extended version for $5. It is god damned glorously cheesy and highly authentic to how geeks actually function (as opposed to the stupid shit you see on mainstream entertainment). (paying out gets you access to stream the movie or download it in 1080p, no DRM, no strings attached.)

I Somehow Managed To Plug 14 Hours Into Three Play Sessions.

So I use Raptr … well “use” in the sense that I let it run at start up, and then forget that it is even there because the only feature that really works on it is the game play tracking; typically it does nothing but nag me with weekly emails about how little I play video games, but this week it dumped a surprise on me.





I’ve only had the game for a week, and 6 out of those 7 days involved me being at work 10-14 hours, so I have only sat down to play it three times. Now most of that 14 hours came just from yesterday, and I was making it a personal goal to sit on my ass, play video games, be lazy, and decompress; but I didn’t think I pissed away that much time on it.


Well, at the least I can say that I am getting my money out of this game.

Dear Diary … Of Netflix-ing?


I haven’t had anything to post for the whole “Dear Diary … Of Gaming” thing I have going on, mostly because I have spent all my free time watching Dr. Who on Netflix.

Which is awesome and sucks at the same time: It is awesome because Dr. Who is an insanely good show, but it sucks because it eats up a ton of time I should be using on other things.


I am up to season 4 now, after only having started watching it in late April; so considering all the other stuff I have had going on, I’ve actually been watching a tone of it.


I am honestly pretty burnt out on Who, but everything else is just boring in comparison.

I’m Thinking About Sending This In To The People Who Run The Denver Comic Con.

I actually wanted to write something like it last year, but never got around to it; this year the compulsion is even stronger but I am not sure if I want to actually go through with it.


(edit- ok, so I asked some people for feedback and so far only one person got that this was creative writing with a bit of exaggeration, not a cry for help; no, I am not suicidal or depressed and yes, I do know that life is what you make of it.

This was just for fun, nothing more, with the ultimate point being a wistful longing that everyday life was more inclusive of nerd culture. I don’t actually want to be locked inside the convention center for the rest of my life, I just a wish a bit more of the Con would escape outside of it.)


To whomever it may concern.
I am writing this to say that I quite enjoyed this year’s Denver Comic Con, even more so that I did last year’s Convention. However there is one element I have an issue with, and I had the same issue last year; I don’t wanna to go back!

I don’t wanna to go back to my daily routine; I don’t wanna go back to my mundane day job; I don’t wanna go back dealing with bills; I don’t want to go back to the real world; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna!

I hate real life, it is so boring and bland: I hate living in a world where you can’t wake up in the morning and toss on a super hero costume simply because you feel like it. I hate living in a world where the only socially acceptable justifications for forming new adult friendships is a common desire to get loaded on drugs or alcohol, the ambition to get laid, or a shared practice to bet on the same sports teams. What in the hell happened to the world where the only prerequisite for forming a life long friendship was showing up to the first day of school with the same Thundercats lunchbox?

… and for three miserably short (but exhausting long) days in early June; I get to escape this sad, boring, bland life and drown myself in a world of color, and characters, and joy, and the unapologetic abandonment of everything prudent or rational. Where no one judges you for decking yourself out in absurd costumes, purely for the sake of wanting other people to give you attention. Where there is no social interaction protocol to dance around, and you can run up to a complete stranger and tell them “I love how you are dressed, you look amazing.” Where I can simply, and with no reservations, be the person I want to be.

And when it is all over; when the face paint is washed off; when the pictures are developed or downloaded; when it is time to walk out the door on the way back to work … I look over to where I have hung up my badge on the wall and all I want to do is put it back on and go back.

Right now every part of my soul is screaming at me to find a justification to ask that you guys extend the next DCC for one more day, but every part of my physical body is screaming at me with fatigue; I know that if you guys did extend things for one more day I would attend, but I also know that it would probably kill me to do so.

And I would die so very, very happy.

Thank you for making this rotten, mean, judgmental, unrewarding world into something beautiful (even if only for three days) and you damn well better believe that I will be back next year with the same doofy ass smile on my face and a ticket in my hand.