What Da Fooking Awesome!


I Somehow Managed To Plug 14 Hours Into Three Play Sessions.

So I use Raptr … well “use” in the sense that I let it run at start up, and then forget that it is even there because the only feature that really works on it is the game play tracking; typically it does nothing but nag me with weekly emails about how little I play video games, but this week it dumped a surprise on me.





I’ve only had the game for a week, and 6 out of those 7 days involved me being at work 10-14 hours, so I have only sat down to play it three times. Now most of that 14 hours came just from yesterday, and I was making it a personal goal to sit on my ass, play video games, be lazy, and decompress; but I didn’t think I pissed away that much time on it.


Well, at the least I can say that I am getting my money out of this game.

I’m Thinking About Sending This In To The People Who Run The Denver Comic Con.

I actually wanted to write something like it last year, but never got around to it; this year the compulsion is even stronger but I am not sure if I want to actually go through with it.


(edit- ok, so I asked some people for feedback and so far only one person got that this was creative writing with a bit of exaggeration, not a cry for help; no, I am not suicidal or depressed and yes, I do know that life is what you make of it.

This was just for fun, nothing more, with the ultimate point being a wistful longing that everyday life was more inclusive of nerd culture. I don’t actually want to be locked inside the convention center for the rest of my life, I just a wish a bit more of the Con would escape outside of it.)


To whomever it may concern.
I am writing this to say that I quite enjoyed this year’s Denver Comic Con, even more so that I did last year’s Convention. However there is one element I have an issue with, and I had the same issue last year; I don’t wanna to go back!

I don’t wanna to go back to my daily routine; I don’t wanna go back to my mundane day job; I don’t wanna go back dealing with bills; I don’t want to go back to the real world; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna; I don’t wanna!

I hate real life, it is so boring and bland: I hate living in a world where you can’t wake up in the morning and toss on a super hero costume simply because you feel like it. I hate living in a world where the only socially acceptable justifications for forming new adult friendships is a common desire to get loaded on drugs or alcohol, the ambition to get laid, or a shared practice to bet on the same sports teams. What in the hell happened to the world where the only prerequisite for forming a life long friendship was showing up to the first day of school with the same Thundercats lunchbox?

… and for three miserably short (but exhausting long) days in early June; I get to escape this sad, boring, bland life and drown myself in a world of color, and characters, and joy, and the unapologetic abandonment of everything prudent or rational. Where no one judges you for decking yourself out in absurd costumes, purely for the sake of wanting other people to give you attention. Where there is no social interaction protocol to dance around, and you can run up to a complete stranger and tell them “I love how you are dressed, you look amazing.” Where I can simply, and with no reservations, be the person I want to be.

And when it is all over; when the face paint is washed off; when the pictures are developed or downloaded; when it is time to walk out the door on the way back to work … I look over to where I have hung up my badge on the wall and all I want to do is put it back on and go back.

Right now every part of my soul is screaming at me to find a justification to ask that you guys extend the next DCC for one more day, but every part of my physical body is screaming at me with fatigue; I know that if you guys did extend things for one more day I would attend, but I also know that it would probably kill me to do so.

And I would die so very, very happy.

Thank you for making this rotten, mean, judgmental, unrewarding world into something beautiful (even if only for three days) and you damn well better believe that I will be back next year with the same doofy ass smile on my face and a ticket in my hand.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Sampling The Weakest X-Men Spin Off Series? WTF!?!?!?!

I have been questioning what Blink was doing in this movie since day 1, considering that the character didn’t even exist when the Days Of Future Past was written. Well, yesterday we got our answer from Empire Magazine’s promotional run of 25 variant covers.

Let me ask you this: What do Blink, Nimrod, and Warpath have in common?


Unless this isn’t Nimrod, which it isn’t; this is Phalanx.


And Blink’s entire original character design was to die tragically killing Phalanx.

God damn it; I thought my nerd skin was thicker than this, but I guess not as I have been Nerd Raging about it all day.

(oops, I screwed up and got Warpath mixed up with his older brother Thunderbird. Well, I more forgot that they didn’t have the same name.)


Dear Diary … of Gaming (1/27/14)

Kinda fell off the wagon with these, but that is what having the flu will do to you; it screws up your trivial personal amusements.

Bioshock Infinite: I just sort of quit it.

Combat got really repetitive, or more repetitive, and the setting went from being an interesting exploration of pre-modern America and the reconstruction era … to ham fisted morality lessons on the cycle of abuse.

Haven’t played FFXI at all even though the counter is dwindling on the free month.

I kinda liked it when I went back, something cathartic about just running in circles killing things while leveling up different classes. However, I just couldn’t get attached due to the knowledge that my time was limited, and that I knew I would never be active enough to warrant subscribing.

Goofed around with Dragon’s Prophet a little.

It is a good but flawed game and I have no idea where my character is at in it; so I didn’t stick around much. Just logged in, finished a few quests, then pushed ahead to try to fight more powerful enemies and logged out after a wolf kicked my ass.

Downloaded the trial for Defiance.

Not actually my first go at the trial, but the last one ended before I could get two hours into it due to the time limit. now that they have pulled the time limit, I am finding myself having a blast; very fun game, warts and all. the inclusion of the TV show has done nothing but hamper the game (and vice versa, from what I have seen of each). there is no way they could have made the game setting into a TV show, at least not with SyFy at the helm, and the game is getting effected by people expecting the show when there is nothing in it that reflects what they see on TV.

I recommend this game and plan on buying it as soon as it goes on sale again.


Yeah, I been playing the evil FF13 … and liking it. I wouldn’t say I was liking it a lot, but it is actually a pretty well made game. haven’t gotten to gran pulse yet, but I am close. much of the game is underwhelming, but no way does it deserve the flack that it has gotten.

B-cup Is For Boobies


The other day Massively.com ran an article about Carbine, the developer of Wildstar, announcing that they had decided to reduce the breast size of female characters in the game. Since there was no question where the comments for this article were going to end up, I kicked my smart ass into overdrive and thoroughly enjoyed myself bantering with other commenters. Burred in the midst of all the expected misogynistic drivel and white knighting, there were two mentalities that I found to be exceptionally off the wall, each for misguided reasons (IMO). The first one being “this action is condescending and abusive to large breasted women, it is sending the message that it is not OK to have large breasts” while the other one was “so you think women who are well endowed are obscene?” and was more personally directed at something I said.


Matrix continued (for contest).

No reboot; serious advancement.

At the end of #3 the Architect agrees to shut down the matrix and release humanity, this however was a backhanded poison pill: the earth is too decimated to support more than a handful of humanity outside of their incubators, additionally (as was said in the first movie) a vast majority of those living in the matrix are too dependent on its system to psychologically survive once disconnected. The end result is mass death as Zion collapses under the burden of supporting the millions of starving, psychologically dysfunctional liberated humans. On top of which, the entire bit about humans as a biological energy source was total horse shit; the Machines real bio-generators are actually well hidden away, and run on any number of herbivores (possibly cultured whales).

It was a lie from the Machines about the true purpose of the matrix: cloud processing.


Gundam fan fiction thing stuff that is.

The observation port holes flared suddenly as both escorting Gaiyas class mobile suits broke formation and spun about rocking the shuttle violently as the thruster backlash washed across the hull. Ambient lighting snapped from cool blue to bleaching red, and the intercom screeched feedback as the shuttle’s captain opened his microphone without waiting for the delay circuit to kick in.

“Seal your god damned pressure suits NOW! I’m breaching the cabin pressure in five.”

“Things must be really bad for him to loose his composure that fast.” Virginia Prospect thought to herself as her hand flew instinctively to the green back lit “pressurize” button on her suit’s wrist. Her suit was already sealed, and had been for the last five hours, but the threat of death by decompression triggered her to hit it again. Seconds later everything loose in the cabin was violently thrashed about as the shuttle’s ECSS ( Emergency Combat Status System ) purged all atmosphere in an emergency decompression. The ECSS was designed to prevent an explosive decompression during combat, but Virginia didn’t feel at all grateful towards the committee that developed it as she smashed her shins on the seat in front of her.


The sad lament of a video game sniper.

(I wrote this as a prank submission to “fuck my life,” it is the in character rant about the workplace harassment he gets.)


My co-workers are constantly trying to get my department either downsized into redundancy, completely altered so it’s something I’m not suited for anymore, or removed completely. There are things I’m good at and things I’m not; I’m just trying to do my job, It’s not my fault that there is a role that I’m suited for and it appears to be easier than the jobs other people are doing. Truth be told I’d be simply horrible at what they make look easy, I respect them for that and value their contributions and efforts. That said I doubt that they would do all that well at what I do, since it’s a different type of work with different types of responsibilities, but I don’t go lording it over their heads and bragging how ineffectual they would be without me. Why can’t they recognize that we all have our roles to play and it’s the sum of our efforts that determines our success.


Why do they always have to publicly bad-mouth my department in the third person, as if it’s a singular entity instead of a collective people, with individual feelings and personal lives, who happen to be working the same job description. It’s like they expect me to suddenly agree with them that I and all of the other people in my department are worthless and should be fired, simply because they refer to us as a singular “other.” We’re human beings too for Christ’s sake, I’ve got a mortgage and kids and school loans to pay off, I’m supposed to just acquiesce and go homeless while my kids starve just because my job is slightly less physically demanding?


If I don’t do my job right I get criticized for being inept, if I do my job too well I get called a show off and accused of exploiting others deficiencies that they have no control over. I was given this role, I didn’t invent it for my own amusement; I applied and was accepted. Simple as that and if they had wanted it (and were willing to put up with what it requires) they could have applied for it too. Why can’t they just leave me alone and mind their own business; for how much more demanding and all critical they make their jobs out to be, they sure do have plenty of time to work up criticisms about mine.


I thought this up after a bout of insomnia. at the time I was heavily into Atlantica Online and this was my master plan to restructure the game and save it from the P2W hell that it had become … I doubt that anyone reading this who isn’t actively playing the game would ever be able to figure out a fraction of the shit I am dribbling here in.

but I do think it was one of my better done concepts for a videogame, most are not ever worth writing down.