Positivity or some such horse shit like that.

There is a Kickstarter for a “Plus Size” Burlesque show ….

This popped up on kickstarter a few days ago so I figured I would give it a post.

I honestly didn’t read the actual page for it (I’m tired, hung-over, and have to be to work in 3 hours) but figured that some of the repeat offenders who visit would be interested in it.

$632 / $1,500 so far.



New Day.

had a good night; didn’t stay up too late, didn’t sleep in, didn’t get drunk, don’t feel like shit.

I realized that I have been mildly depressed for the last two months and in order to stop feeling like ass I must first stop rolling in my own bullshit.

Grabbed some coffee and doughnuts this morning before finding a good spot to take some pictures of the mountains.

Positivity or some such horse shit like that.