You know that day when you find out that the girl you like and keep getting mixed signals from is only hanging around you because she likes one of your friends?

That was yesterday …


Imgur banned me again.

funny how a place that prides itself on tolerance and inclusiveness can’t take criticism.

once again, fuck ’em; it was fun while it lasted, but not that fun.

You blew it! You shared a NSFW image! You have been permanently banned from sharing any other images to Imgur, and the offending image has been removed from public view.

Image http://imgur.com/dQrgHvE

 User Submitted Rules: http://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/201738527-User-Submitted-Guidelinesimgur· sent 1:22pm

Dear Diary …. Of Gaming.

OK, I feel like a dumb ass … not because I am -STILL- playing Ghost Recon Online (fucking soul parasite of a game … I have made my peace that I am addicted to the shit taco) but because I finally went out and bought a mouse pad and now I am playing so much better.

… I got a new mouse, I got a new video card, but the main god damn issue was that I needed a $16 mouse pad instead of just using the wood grain top of my desk.

Well, I Didn’t See That Coming: GOG.COM Is Now Selling DRM-Free Movies.



Probably should start out with saying that for now all the movies they have are Documentaries about Video Game Development, but that tis mostly because they couldn’t get any of the big studios to be the first one off the diving board.

Seems like they rolled out a significant site update as well, which it needed, but it is a little odd to navigate, and there is a sale going on for 81 games that are getting pulled off of GOG due to issues relating to GOG changing its pricing structure.


Funny how GOG will got for nearly years with being the same old site, then drop a major overhaul, then go for several more years with nothing else changing.