WTF was I thinking?

Well, All My Productivity Just Died A Miserable Death.

Beware clicking that link.

It is a text based adventure game that will destroy your productivity; it is an awesome game, probably one of the best that I have every played, but oh my god does it suck you in. FYI, you can quit out and come back to it (probably uses cookies or something), so don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that you will have to start over if you close the tab.


X-Men Days Of Future Past Sampling The Weakest X-Men Spin Off Series? WTF!?!?!?!

I have been questioning what Blink was doing in this movie since day 1, considering that the character didn’t even exist when the Days Of Future Past was written. Well, yesterday we got our answer from Empire Magazine’s promotional run of 25 variant covers.

Let me ask you this: What do Blink, Nimrod, and Warpath have in common?


Unless this isn’t Nimrod, which it isn’t; this is Phalanx.


And Blink’s entire original character design was to die tragically killing Phalanx.

God damn it; I thought my nerd skin was thicker than this, but I guess not as I have been Nerd Raging about it all day.

(oops, I screwed up and got Warpath mixed up with his older brother Thunderbird. Well, I more forgot that they didn’t have the same name.)


I really should have apriceated the teachers I had, since this was for full credit.

The Phantom Menace

(I refuse to refer to this “film” as anything other than it’s subtitle)

This film is about a 14 year old Democratically elected Queen, who falls in love with a 9 year old race car driver, and it’s probably one of the worst move ever. While there have been other movies that have outdone this one in badness; none of them had even a fraction of this films budget. There is some other mindless drivel about political intrigue, the conflict between original inhabitants vs. current inhabitants, a derogatory presentation on monopolies oppressing free trade (although the provided example acts more like a Union than a Monopoly), and mass produced technology’s assault on organic naturalism … but it’s all just as nonsensical as the core premiss of giving a pair of juveniles control of an entire planetary government and/or the keys to a rocket car. Outside of the basic incompetence of George Lucas and his take on the age of competency and mature decision making, all the other listed elements fail even the most basic of Logic tests.


Why F2P doesn’t suck … it blows. (and how!)

Literally … I will be explaining the subtle connotation between the two in regards to the “Free to Play” format, and how it functions.

The term “sucks” is represented as a negative connotation from a clearly heterosexual male point of view. Whenever someone says “that sucks” they are likening it to the mental prospect of getting on your knees and sliding a penis in and out of your mouth, repeatedly. As a hetero-male, I honestly can relate to that concept being a rather unappealing one, but ya know it aint all that bad to be on the receiving end. Clearly this concept of “lube’n the love pole” being a bad thing is not a universally applicable one; otherwise there really wouldn’t be any need for the statement “this sucks” in the first place (because no one would be giving head to began with). I can think of at least two demographics where if you were to loudly proclaim “playing that game was like slobbing knob” in a crowded room full of said demographic, their reaction would not be what was intended.


For the record,…

For the record, I’m a guild leader.

Some people are Grinders, Some people are Crafters, Some people are Traders, Some people are Questers; I’m a guild leader.

With grinders, the second they log in to a new game they are clicking mobs with no care what-so-ever as to why they are supposed to be clicking them, if it gives good XP it dies. Crafters are checking item drop rates, researching recipes, and calculating crafting discipline interdependency is just how they function (typically they have got all that done BEFORE they even finish downloading the game). Traders have got economic domination is in their blood and while others issue their battle cries towards the nearest mob, traders issue their murderous wails while heading back to town in a bee line to the nearest auction house terminal. For questers, no floating question mark or exclamation point is too big or too little for them, come hell or high water they will read every line of quest text and know the NPC names by heart before moving on to the next area.


Hello, Crickets

Ok, I think I’m actually gonna do it this time ….. I’m actually nervous this time, so that’s a good thing. typically, if I’m not nervous that means I’m not actually gonna follow through.

Man I hate blogs, but I gotta write and if I’m not writing my own work I will just be writing comments on someone else’s work.